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(G)RACE EQUITY: Reimagining Equity in the Workplace

"(G)race Equity: Reimagining Equity in the Workplace" challenges conventional notions of equity. Uniting the power of grace and equity, it offers a fresh perspective and actionable insights to foster a truly inclusive and transformative work environment based on the principle of grace.

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TRUST the PROCESS: Reflections of a Nonprofit Race Equity Movement

Taking you on an enlightening journey through one nonprofit's race equity movement, this book centers on candid reflections, and practical takeaways, that inspires trust and grace in the process of creating meaningful change and fostering a more just and inclusive society. 

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Embracing Grace Ebook Series

EMBRACING GRACE: In White Affinity Groups

This book is a great resource for white ally groups to help them address common missteps, center courage and vulnerability, and outlines key strategies to reinforce white ally groups. This essential guide can help your group navigate the many  allyship complexities and challenges.

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EMBRACING GRACE: In Restorative Conflict Resolution

This book is a practical guide that empowers organizations to embrace grace as a cornerstone of their conflict resolution strategies. This transformative book provides actionable steps to create a more harmonious work environment, leading to profound and positive outcomes for individuals and teams alike.

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EMBRACING GRACE: When Choosing Yourself Means Choosing to Leave

Discover how to leave a relationship with clarity and compassion. This insightful guide dispels common misconceptions, guiding readers through introspective reflection and empowering them to forge a new and promising future beyond their current relationship, ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling path ahead.

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