Michelle Majors

Michelle Majors is the CEO of Majors Leadership Group, a Seattle-based, national diversity equity inclusion and belonging consulting firm dedicated to supporting organizations in solving their office culture, internal structure and equity challenges through the lens of grace.

Michelle received her Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry. She then earned her Doctorate, again from Seattle University. Michelle has developed a strong reputation for guiding grace-based DEI initiatives and movements that move groups away from complex, subjective technical terms and concepts, to basic human values and stories.  





To be clear, I know that systemic racism is real and that some may interpret my work as "until we are connected to one another through grace, then equity, inclusion and justice are not possible". This would be an inaccurate perception.  Others share concerns about those with a malicious heart weaponizing grace as a justification to continue to harm. 

First, those who mean harm will use anything to further destroy. This work is no exception. Second, my work is meant for those of you who want to find a place of connection and empathy in the dialogue about race. I know folks of all races, religions, identities, abilities, values and beliefs that are tired of talking about race through the lens of these concepts and terms that are very subjective and dynamic. Racism as a system is technical, but the impact is experiential, visceral, spiritual. I believe it's time for us to engage in conversations about race exploring something far more fundamental to the human experience – our desire to be seen, heard and valued.

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