Who Benefits? Unpacking the Divide Between Black Cis and Black Trans Women

Season #1

We are back with another great podcast. This conversation is all about the growing tension between Black Women who Identify as Trans, and Black cis women. This much needed discussion challenges us to ask the question, "Who benefits from this division?". Listen up as Reverend Karmen Smith and Reverent  

Rev. Karmen Smith is the author of the book "Holy Queer" which offers a fresh and insightful perspective on Christianity and the LGBTQIA+ community. Drawing on personal experience and scriptural analysis, Smith explores the ways in which queer identities can intersect with faith and spirituality. You can purchase his book at www.holyqueerbook.com

Rev. Kathei McCoy, affectionately known as Coach Kathei, is an ordained minister, Certified Life Coach, Author and Spiritual Advisor with a passionate mission to empower women to live in the fierceness of truth and freedom. After grieving the painful murder of her one and only child, her son, K'Breyan Clark, she wrote the book, "To Mothers Raising Sons: How to Love Them to Life Instead of Death" with the hopes of  creating sacred space for Mothers to heal from emotional trauma and loss. Visit Kathei's webpage

Alert: This podcast includes explicit language and features discussions framed in the Christian faith.